Monday, March 25, 2013

World War Z Poster!

We have a release date! June 21, 2013. Yes, finally. Again, I'm a huge fan of the book. However we all know Hollywood, they'll do what they think will do the film right. I'll just toss away any expectations and will just go to the party.

So Mr. Brooks, you must be pleased. You kinda started this craze, and although you're entering the hallowed ground of the immortal George Romero, your film seems to be meant to happen in a big guns-blazing blockbuster way. So I guess this is gonna be the Star Wars of this generation. If it doesn't suck! 

Looks like its got everything: action, drama, guns, millions of computer-generated and "real" zeds, and a little something for the ladies: Bradd freakin Pitt in a dashing family guy role. Yay, everyone's happy.

What is it with Pitt & Damon and their gained-a-few-pounds but handsomer-than-thou "daddy" roles anyway?

Friends, I'll be the well-dressed dude with the pretty wife waiting in line on the first day. And I won't be coming in some attention-grabbing tactical or zombie costume. I do expect to see a few cosplayers in their usual zombie or sheriff attire. If I see any cool ones, I'll take a photos for your pleasure.

Stay vigilant!

Big thank you to for the heads-up!

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