Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: .22 TCM Glock Conversion kits Coming Soon! (I'm 90% sure)

I remember Martin Tuason (President of Armscor) saying something on his Facebook account a few weeks ago about releasing a product that would be considered by some to be "heretical". He's a cool guy, always giving really exciting teasers on their upcoming projects. 

They've also got their ears close to the ground and must have heard the clamor on the internet.

It makes a lot of sense. Follow my train of thought: 

Armscor is the largest 1911 manufacturer in the world... 

...aggressively promoting the .22 TCM cartridge... 

... how do you make your bullet more popular? 

...Glocks are the most popular 9mm platform...

A .22 TCM Conversion kit for Glocks! It makes perfect sense!

My hunch looks like its on the money because there was talk earlier today about a conversion kit for the Glock 17 to chamber the ammo being released really soon.

What does this mean? We could see the .22 TCM become more widely used since the only way at present was to purchase the TCM pistol and bolt-action rifle. 

Now the other half of the pistol community worldwide would have the chance to give this a shot. I mean "half of the world's police force" can't go wrong (if you believe the marketing).
This is quite a bold move since the company is putting the bullet in the hands of folks using a a brand known as its nemesis and the subject of fanboy wars across the internet.

We're all familiar with the whole 1911 VS Glock and .45 VS 9mm debate. My head is spinning, and old Gaston G. should be shaking his as well.

In the end, this strategy will go a long way in ensuring the longevity of the caliber.

Moving Forward
Now that its poised to reach even greater popularity, I'm really looking forward to is more real-world studies on this caliber. I've been clamoring for that since it was launched more than two years ago. Ballistic performance, penetration tests vs armor, drywall, car doors, frozen turkeys, zombie heads, FBI gel, hair gel... Lets have it!

Only then would we know how it stands as a defensive round compared to the 9mm, .45, .40, .380, .25, .22 and more.

Can someone call up Pocket Guns & Gear, Box o' Truth, Brassfetcher, Hickok45 or the Poboyspecial to do the science? Thanks!

UPDATE: Bruce F. of Pocket Guns & Gear has made some really cool tests on the cartridge. :-)

Stay vigilant!


  1. If the rumor is true, then Armscor should contact me regarding more comprehensive testing with the conversion kit. I've got the G17 and still have half a box of 22 TCM left over from the test you mention above. Thanks for referring folks to the test.

  2. I cant wait for the conversion of my Beretta M9.

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