Friday, October 22, 2010

Possible sighting?

I got a report from a reliable source from Bacolod City, the beautiful City of Smiles.  The informant was attending the annual MassKara Festival and spotted what he believes to be a walking corpse.

I heard it was awesome.

He followed it for several hours along Lacson Street at the STREET DANCE COMPETITION.  Thinking at first it was just a costume, he realized that the bogey in question had a putrid smell and showed many signs of un-life.

Spot the not?

The "zombie" shuffled down the road while being jostled around by endless waves of dancers forcing it up the street. It did not perform any of the choreography but seemed to be following a group of  "big-boned" female spectators. As our agent pulled out his camera to document it, someone shoved into the creature's hands a signboard for a local restaurant with the words "kaon ta!" which  translates to "lets eat!".  It was probably his only thought.

It held on to it for a while and dropped it a few blocks later after it spotted another herd of women similar to its initial distraction.

This mysterious figure disappeared beside a Philippine Red Cross tent. I hope my contact was wrong about this sighting. If this were an actual zed, I also pray those medical guys would know how to deal with that thing. I would know what to do in a heartbeat, but they are not me.

Trouble brewing?

Could this be sighting 001?  Or was this just some smelly drunk guy with a really messed up face? Unlike most you fools, I will take this sighting seriously.  

Think of the innocents!

What if that thing bit someone?

Is the infection about to spread?  Is this be beginning?
Right or wrong, I'll be ready because I am The Zombie Hunter.

 Stay vigilant!


  1. i think it was just a normal man with a badly disfigured face. i have yet to find a verifiable zed sighting in the philippines. but i do find your site to be informative. :) cheers!

  2. Greetings sir!

    Yes, I'm quite relieved that it does seem to have been a regular man. Albeit a disfigured guy who was acting strangely. I hope he got medical attention.

    And thank you, I will update my file on this one.