Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Survival Strategy #5: Vigilance & Self-Reliance

Never again should we allow ourselves to be caught unprepared by calamities such as Typhoon Onody, the H1N1 Virus, bird flu, and SARS. 

Lazy, hard headed, slow to learn and quick to forget lessons from even the most recent disasters.  These would describe majority of the human race. Fortunately, the Zombie Hunter is no such person.  I remember the floods that swept away our homes & suffering of loved ones.  And I'll never forget the complete inability of our government to manage calamities. I learned the hard way, so let me share my wisdom with you, my dear fellow survivor.

Since I can't trust the authorities to rescue my family, or even inform me of danger in a timely manner, I've become a master of information and my surroundings.  Its a simple thing to gather news bits from various sources, but the real art is being able to see the bigger picture.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Use Online Resources

A. Health Services
This has local updates on emerging communicable diseases like Dengue, Bird Flu, Influenza A-Z, Malaria,  etc.   Even if these diseases do not turn you into a brain-eating member of the living dead, underestimating them could be a fatal mistake!

Take a look at crisis reports, emergency response procedures and training manuals.  Some of them could provide clues to what is building up around the world. 

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Warning:   Always be suspicious of these sources. They've been known to downplay major major problems.  Either they are covering up a royal mess that they started, or they've decided that your community is now expendable so that they could save their own skin.  See the Redeker Plan c/o Zombie Wiki. 

B. Weather Updates
Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration

Weather Underground

Why do I monitor the weather every day?  'Coz Infectious Diseases can spread like wildfire during calamities.  Each storm is an opportunity for us to study how government & local services respond to these emergencies.  They have their strong points, but there will always be holes.  Don't let your family become a victim of their deficiencies! 

There are more resources out there.  Be creative and keep regular watch!

2. Get Involved!

A. Look beyond the headlines. 
Often a source of confusion, given our media's compulsion to sensationalize anything.  With a little practice, you'll be able to piece clues together.  As Max Brooks says, look for topics such as "rabid people", "psychotic criminals biting others", "cannibalism", "mass hysteria", "mystery virus", etc. Seemingly unrelated cases could actually be a huge outbreak lurking around the corner.

B. Volunteer!
Join the local fire brigade, organize and participate in earthquake drills, join your company's first aid seminar.  Take all of these stuff seriously because building a strong community will help more people.  Like we mentioned earlier, ordinary folks will save the day.

C. Be a good neighbor, make friends.   
Get to know the people next door.  You never know when you'll need to help them out or take shelter in their place when SHTF.  Studying them closely would help you find out who you could count on when things turn ugly.

       Take notes and remember important details:  
  • Mr. B's family next door looks athletic and could probably defend their home against the undead
  • Mr. G who lives down the street gives me the creeps and may not lend a hand
  • Mrs. R's husband owns several guns but looks friendly.  
  • Mr. L may have a nervous breakdown when TSHTF but his home looks well-stocked w/ supplies
  • Mr. V's home is that eccentric cube-shaped house w/ a single tiny window on each side, looks like the best fortress in the neighborhood.  I wonder if they're nice...
(sample list only)

Its up to each of us to stay on top of things.  Coz if you get caught w/ your pants down, the zombies will just eat your sorry ass.


  1. Bleck. Not making friends with my neighbors! I'd still keep an eye on them though, you know, just in case they've been infected!

  2. I'd prefer to be aware of a creepy neighbor's location sooner rather than later.

    Intelligence gathering of this sort could prove to be educational and entertaining.

    Stay vigilant!

  3. I haven't making friends with my neighbors these past 10+ years.. Last time, I saw my neighbor holding a knife near the neck of an Indian guy waiting for the payment for 5-6 while another neighbor is making a body search on him. On the other hand, 2 of my neighbors were recently release from the prison but they somehow look friendly.

    Which one is a better choice?

  4. Howdy Hunk Rider Black.

    I'm a tough guy, but I kinda envy not having the name "Hunk" added to my name. Hunky Zombie Hunter don't sound right. Oh well..

    Aaaaah. Your neighborhood is "complicated".

    The good side is they're not a bunch of sissies. If TSHTF, I guess they'll survive. Especially the ex-prisoners.

    The trick w/ ex-cons is having enough Tanduay Rhum...