Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zombiethon 2010

There will be a gathering of zombie enthusiasts this October 30 called "the Zombiethon 2010".  

It is scheduled to commence around 10-11PM along Timog Avenue in Quezon City.  My informant tells me a certain Sam w/ the mobile number 0915-7833624 has more information on the event. A Facebook page called Dead Zone also seems to be behind all of this.

Practice makes perfect.  The Zombie Hunter believes in this.  So I would try to convince the organizers to attempt an accurate simulation of a horde's behavior.  This will help us practice against their movement patterns.  If they do this properly with a large enough crowd, this would prove to be a valuable opportunity.  

  • I would pay attention to how a group or individual survivors could try to avoid, wade through, or even attack the horde.   I want to see how you could try to do all of these things while protecting your family and carrying your bug-out-bags.
  • I do not encourage bringing toy guns.  Its tempting to shoot your plastic boomstick on a crowd, but someone could get hurt.  Even those seemingly harmless Nerf Guns could injure someone w/o eye protection!  Focus on studying survival techniques, not fooling around.  
  • Make some friends.  Exchanging zombie survival techniques with other like-minded folks is always a worthwhile endeavor!

My fellow survivors, time is precious, treat this as a scientific exercise.  Try to learn as much as you can to enrich your zombie fighting knowledge.


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