Monday, November 1, 2010

Survival Strategy # 6: The Home Defense Analysis, Part 1 (INTERIOR)

Staying up at night because the zombie horde could crash into your home and eat everybody?    I sleep well because I did a Home Defense Analysis that turned my home into a castle.  Let me help you.

Start by going to, its an awesome resource.  Quickly make one for your home, then take a screen capture & print it out.  Do not share your plans with people you don't trust!  This information should not fall into the wrong hands.

For Part One, we will focus on the interior.  

Identify these attributes:

1. Weak points that undead intruders will try to break down.  - Reinforce these right away.  Glass windows & screen doors are good enough for mosquitoes and burglars, but you need something strong enough for THREE zombies per square foot.  Iron bars are a popular choice.  DO NOT FORGET to seek advice from your significant other to make sure that your reinforcements are aesthetically sound.  Sturdiness is your department.

2. Defensible Areas - a place that has many advantages where it will be easy for you to hold off multiple attackers.  If they break in, you can make a stand here.  Stick to your goal of buying precious time for your family to either escape or destroy the intruders.

3. Places to Barricade and Reinforce - Even after reinforcing your weak points, you still need to know what will need to be boarded up.  Your storage inside your home should have wooden planks, nails, saws, and hammers so you could accomplish this in the shortest amount of time WTSHTF.

4. Emergency Exits - Every home needs more than one of these.  You need it mostly for Fire.  Against a zombie horde, you need these so your family would never be cornered & trapped.

5. Hidden Weapon Cache - When an emergency happens, you will need to secure your family.  Placing hidden & secure weapon safes in strategic locations will let you accomplish your main goal w/o wasting time.  This could come in handy in a hectic fight.  Remember the rules of gun safety!

I created an analysis using a floor plan similar to my home.  I determined what I needed to do and have thus achieved peace of mind.

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Your improvements to the home will protect your family & impress your woman.  

A well-made Home Defense Analysis will keep burglars, the living dead, your daughter's suitors & similar pests away from your loved ones.  

Stay vigilant!

Now head on to this page for part two.


  1. Well one could easily survive by just taking a few steps. A stilted home (like the ones in most beach areas) are ideal for zombie survival. But anywhere that you can either demolish or pull stairs up will be a forever safe haven against a zombie apocalypse. As zombies do not have the ability to jump you will be perfectly safe.

    I suggest somewhere above the snowline as once it snows the zombies will freeze and you will be able to forage for materials and maybe even find a new safe house for the next year.

    One could out live the entire apocalypse and die a normal death only due to getting old as long as they took the time to prepare. I suggest you do a bit of research on zombie survival as most people have the ability, but not the brains to actually survive.

    And the zombies would only last so long before rotting so chances are they are all gone long before you die of old age.

  2. your suggestions will definitely matter for the long run. many people do not think this far! they think that having a few guns and a barricaded home will do, only to find that their myopic planning will be insufficient.

    instead of the short term, we need to help folks prepare for ENDURING the crisis until mankind could finally reclaim the world from the clutches of the undead.

    thank you for your thoughts. survivalists are stronger when ideas are exchanged!