Monday, November 22, 2010

Survival Strategy #7: Buy Quality Stuff

I would like to share this article on the California Knife & Tool website regarding the many downsides of buying counterfeit or fake knives.  

If you've been to flea markets like The Ruins at BF Homes in Paranaque, Greenhills Shopping Center, or the lower levels of the Makati Cinema Square, you'll encounter many shops selling knock-offs of popular knife brands such as Smith & Wesson and Columbia River.

Learn from my experience: these blades are proven to wiggle & eventually snap off during serious use.  Poor quality plus the bad karma for supporting piracy means the product will fail at the moment you need it most.

The moral lesson here is to stock up only with quality goods.  This applies to everything.  Your clothes, shoes, weapons, tools, bags...  All of these are essential to survival.

People forget that survival is also about ENDURING the crisis. It may take years & even decades for the world to recover from a global outbreak.  If you're serious about protecting your family, don't risk their lives on cheap stuff!

Make sure your gear is built to last, 'coz warranties are void WTSHTF.


  1. On the lower grounds of Makati Cinema Square.. they also sell guns in there.. Are those guns of low quality as well?

    v Makati Cinema Square

  2. howdy Hunk Rider Black,

    dude, the guns being sold by the shops there are of really good quality.

    in fact its my favorite place to go shopping!

    I've purchased firearms from Defensive Armaments Resource, Corp. at the 2nd floor, I got stuff from Armscor, and I'm planning to place another order with Twin Pines.

    I guess it will be hard to find other places where so many gun stores are concentrated.

    Hey thanks for the link to your blog! I'll check it out.

    I'm too chicken to drive a motorcycle, however I dig travel stories.



  3. Addendum:

    I read your blog. Yeaaaah, the flea market stuff sucks. hahaha

    However the revolver you saw must have been nice as long as its being sold at those established shops.

    If you want a good wheelgun, Taurus has a few really nice 357 magnums. I also endorse the revolvers sold at Armscor. Don't let the local brand turn you off! They make quality stuff and have a fantastic warranty.

    cheers yo

  4. ^Yup! Plus Armscor is near in my place. Maybe I should head there immediately when a zombie apocalypse occurred.