Saturday, November 27, 2010

Disease Outbreak Monitoring

Fellow Survivors, head on over to the World Health Organization's Disease Outbreak News section on their Global Alert & Response page.  Bookmark it right now. Check it & your other news sources on a daily basis.  This is an expansion of Survival Strategy #5.

 I wonder what's threatening my family this month?

Here you will find recent information on diseases that may come knocking on your door.  It also details the various actions you authorities are taking.  They're doing something, YOU need to take it further. 

As we've discussed, go the extra mile when reviewing articles on these health hazards.  Keep tabs, but never leave it to the authorities to protect your family.

Vigilance, The Zombie Hunter's Way 
Keep these in mind when reviewing your sources:
  • Something more sinister may be afoot and we should always learn more.  Look for the bigger picture: What forces are behind these outbreak?  How are you threatened?
  • Pay attention to the big incidents, but never underestimate the small & less known ones!  Even the little bugs could mutate into something far worse.
  • Never be satisfied with what is printed on paper. Look for omissions or conflicting reports.   The unnoticed outbreak will be the deadliest one.
  • Learn how to determine the credibility of a report.   Who is the journalist?  WHO stands to benefit if the news is inaccurate?  Are we being misled or distracted?
  • Be an expert on the nature of various health hazards.  Knowing symptoms, infection-prone areas, and how these diseases are transmitted will help you protect your loved ones.


As the report states, there is another round of Avian Influenza threatening the region.  

Words too big?  Bird Flu!

Hong Kong is noteworthy because its a gateway to the whole world.  As you are reading this, health agencies everywhere are beefing up their defenses.  Even if the report was filed on November 17, this is already OLD NEWS and the virus has been spreading way before.  Infection waits for nobody.

What should we do?

Support your health organizations and agencies.  Learn everything about your enemy.  Your local community should benefit from your knowledge.  Find out what the authorities are planning to do so you will not be left out.  They will be deficient, so its your job to protect your home when things are going bad.

If there's a crisis in a far away country, try to share some of your blessings with the needy.  Haiti is in an ugly mess right now so we should do our part.  One less sick person is a step towards prevention!

On the home front, learn & share good hygienic practices with your loved ones.  Remind them what is out there so they're prepared.  It should be a team effort, you cannot do this alone.

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