Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boracay Island: Zombies in Paradise?

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With great reluctance, I have returned from my vacation at the magical island of Boracay

The weather was perfect, the water crystal clear, powdery white sand, and grilled seafood & beer within arm's reach for about more than a week. Too bloody short. I wish I could live here someday and run a survival school of some kind. I'd wear dreadlocks and throw away my shoes & shirts forever.

My family had a swell time. Mrs. Zombie Hunter was pleased with her swimwear and got a mild tan.  The little one built sandcastles and swam all day. Both are important survival skills which I hope she'll never need to use.

There's nothing like a well-deserved break from the drudgery of urban life to recharge you. I think I'll make this a yearly thing!

Check out the water in the photo above.  It defines tranquility. Look at it, can you feel your blood pressure going down? Swimming in it recharged my soul. 

And then I begin to remember the reality of a zombie apocalypse that threatens to take away all things that are sunny, wholesome, and beautiful. WTSHTF on a global scale, even this island paradise would get all messed up. 

The tourism industry will work against it. According to last year's census, there were nearly a million tourists who visited the island last year. Mostly South Koreans, Taiwanese, Russians, Americans, Brits, and those funky Australians who dominate the big water-sport events. Lots of fun they are.

Unfortunately, the sheer amount of people visiting the island plus the population that supports the industry can act as a magnet for zombie infection.

As for its geography, the island itself has no natural barriers. When the dead walk the Earth, they can easily migrate from one of our country's 7,100 islands to this little slice of sandy heaven.

I keep getting this sort of  buzz-kill vision everywhere I go.

I had a real hard time trying to FORGET about zombies even for just a few hours. Weighing heavily on my mind was the well-being of my family and all of you survivalists.

WTSHTF, I'll build or commandeer one of these boats called a Vinta and sail with my family to safety. Perfect for island hopping and its durability in bad weather is proven. I could catch fish every day, and it ain't hard in these waters. There are coconuts everywhere, sometimes floating in the water waiting to refresh you.

So I'm back. With a tan. I'm re-united with my blasted office laptop whipping up new survival strategies to share with ya'll.

When the zombie war is won, and millions of walking dead are but a fading memory, you guys know where a former zombie hunter will be spending his early retirement.

Stay vigilant!

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