Monday, January 23, 2012

Survival Strategy #14: Proper Nutrition for the Zombie Apocalypse

I. Introduction

Surviving the zombie apocalypse relies on being properly equipped to adapt to changing situations. Hunger will be one of the greatest enemies in an undead world. What we take for granted in modern society will now become the number one agenda of daily life.

A hungry survivalist cannot function properly, all actions on a grumbling stomach are already impaired.

As stated by Max Brooks: "an army needs to be bred, fed, and led". At the heart of this is a well-fed family unit, this will become the first step and foundation of winning the zombie war.

II. Nutrition

A balanced diet will help you achieve your goals. A this means you need to get the right types and quantity of food to provide energy & nutrition for maintaining body cells, tissues, and organs.  A good diet will also support proper growth and development. 

Children need to grow up strong and healthy to continue the fight. Eating right prevents sickness and heals wounds faster. A good meal is the best weapon you can give your loved ones.

III. Got Skills?

Long-term survival depends on planning ahead. Farming, fishing, hunting, and food storage are important skills that technology has removed from us. The zombie apocalypse will in turn remove these luxuries, and we shall be forced to re-learn these things as a matter of survival.

Important questions:
  • Can I catch fish?
  • Do I know what is edible in my neighborhood?
  • Can my garden feed my family?
  • What do I need to hunt for if I can't grow it?
  • What is the 3 day dietary requirement for two scouts who will will be carrying 30lbs. of gear to search for survivors at Monroeville Mall?

IV. Conclusion

The hardest part is getting started. Most of us are stuck in the weekly grind of work, errands, and other to-dos. All of this will be swept aside like a hurricane when the dead walk the earth. It may or may not happen, but are you going to take that chance? Will your family appreciate your lack of foresight?

It can be a paralyzing thought to lose everything we know to brain-eating zombies. I can cure this, let us defeat fear with concrete action.

Stay vigilant!


  1. No, I cannot catch fish! I'm so dead when the zombie apocalypse arrives.