Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday to the 1911

Yeah, I'm one day late.  Thank you Huey for the reminder!

My granddad used it in WW2 during the Japanese invasion.  During the war he was a Major in the Philippine Army and was also a renowned marksman who fought in the jungles of Panay.  There are a lot of stories of how his unit conducted guerrilla warfare with only the barest of equipment. And guess what pistol he was using?

When I was growing up, we just thought of his firearm as "lolo's gun" (translates to granddad's gun).   Like any of his generation, he didn't glorify anything about it.  It did its job, never failed, end of story.

When I got into practical shooting some years ago, I got reacquainted with the M1911 and discovered it to be an IPSC staple.  I find it really cool that I'm using something in my sporting carrer that my granddad would approve of.

And so I raise my cool non-alcoholic beverage to salute my our beloved firearm.  Happy 100th birthday! Safe shooting to everybody!

Stay vigilant!

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