Thursday, March 3, 2011

Key Resource: The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)

In times of crisis, we will be counting on various institutions to keep our loved ones fed, protected, and happy so we could ride out the storm. However, there is one special resource which stands out for the unique role it will play in the coming struggle.

This one provides hope.  The sort that may produce a final weapon against the zombie apocalypse.  It could provide a vaccine that prevents the infection that creates the walking dead.  Or perhaps from it we could even find a cure.  This one's worth fighting for.  I present to you the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine

Profile: Established in 1981, The RITM has been among the region's leading institutions that  conducts research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue, hepatitis, and rabies.  

Strategic Value, Pre-Outbreak:   
Its nationwide data collection & monitoring makes it capable of detecting the early signs that may lead up to a  major outbreak.  The research & medical personnel are some of the best in the country and their contribution to health care is tremendous.

Strategic Value, Post-Outbreak:
The data collected from the earliest infections will be stored in the viral research lab.  This is what we must protect.  If anything would be needed to help find a cure or vaccine for zombification, it will be found here. 

Defensive Analysis:                                       click on the image to zoom in
Careful study reveals only one main weakness: the front gate.  It was designed only to obstruct vehicular traffic.  Barricading this area will require as much as the width of three cars.  It is also fortunate that the facility sits on top of a small but steep hill that has a lightly wooded perimeter.

The RITM itself is not expected to attract a large horde of zombies because it will be abandoned by the research personnel.

What matters is that survival or resistance groups must attempt to secure the viral samples & data so that it can be used in the war effort.  

Unfortunately, this also means that anybody attempting to reach this place would have to get past the Festival Supermall area where tens of thousands of zombies may be gathering.  

Know the Terrain:
The Emergency Map that I have made illustrates the RITM's immediate surroundings.  I have identified danger zones and areas of relative safety.  

It is my hope that this information can be shared and improved so that we may preserve a key resource that will help us in the coming zombie war.  

Stay vigilant!


  1. booo, zombies rule...

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  2. lol dude, this is so detailed! XD


  3. @iZombie

    Zombies rule. Thank you!

    Aff comrade. I only want to help people.

    Now you know where some of my energy is flowing to these days. ;)

    Stay safe!

  4. Nice blog, I'm getting kinda worried though

  5. Allow me to help alleviate your worry with a healthy dose of preparedness and vigilance. I am at your service Doctor_Cyclops.