Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is your castle sturdy?

We just got hit by a 5.5 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter about 100 kilometers from my hometown.   Not yet the big one.  Have you been doing anything constructive?

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For most of us, our homes will be the castle that protects our loved ones from the living dead.  Have you considered that it may no longer be safe in case an earthquake hits? 

A zombie apocalypse is not a short term event.  Months, weeks, or years may pass before mankind overcomes the crisis.  By then, government services that you are paying for would have already bellied up. 

The problem is that Mother Nature won't change her schedule just 'cause a few billion zombies are eating a few billion mammals.

Ready or not, she's gonna hit us.

Your Taxes VS The Zombie Apocalypse

I suggest you start making your taxes work for you sooner rather than later. One way is to call on the City Building Official's Office.  Its their job to make sure that buildings comply with safety standards.  Most of their attention is focused on high-rises and other commercial structures. 

If your home was built more than 10 years ago, it is time to have it checked.  Many new technologies have come up in the past decade, and your crib has been hit more than a couple of times since.  Those little cracks on the wall may not mean anything today, but what about the ones you don't see?  Quit worrying and do something about it. 

Its never too early to get the most out of things while the authorities are still around to work for you.  While you're at it, avail of essential services, programs, and other "freebies" that your municipality has to offer.  Free T-Virus vaccination?  Heck yes! 

Grab these things in the near future for your family's sake.

Stay vigilant!

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