Saturday, November 12, 2011

Headshot Training: SF Archery Recurve Bow

Its taken about two weeks for me shoot at stuff without embarrassing myself. The good part about it is that I can do this in my own back yard! 

At least 3x a week,  I pull out a double-layered rubber mat target and hang it on our laundry clothesline. I then pull out my SF Archery take-down recurve bow from my bug-out-bag. My archery range is pretty safe, there's a deserted grassy fiend behind my home.

Killing Zeds
We all know that head shots are the only way to dispatch the living dead. Easier said than done. Lower shots to the face may only go through the mouth and throat. Those won't do. 

Is the upper half of the head you need to aim for. Now try that on an undead person you may have known who is now shambling towards you. It will be quite disturbing.

Warning: broadhead arrows will damage rubber mat targets. 
I'll save them for a Smashing Coconut Test (TM).

  • Targets are set 15 meters or 49 feet away.
  • The head area should be close to the actual size. Smaller is better if you have space limitations.
  • The clothesline could be pulled up and down for added difficulty. 
  • In the future I'll design it in a way that we can pull the target towards the shooter.
  • Nighttime archery is very important training. Too bad the videos of these were too dark

Observe archery safety at all times:
  1. A bow is not a toy
  2. Do not hold your bow if someone is downrange
  3. Be aware of your surroundings, even behind the shooting line 
  4. Do not point the bow at something you are willing to destroy or eat 
Note: I eat whatever I catch. I frown on wasteful hunting and poaching.

This is how 49 feet looks like. 
Aim between the eyes.

Its best to use drawings or print-outs of zombies to shoot at. Full-color if your could afford it. 

Remember: they need to be menacing and creepy. You must be mentally prepared to take them out when the time comes.

Here's a short video of my session on a fine sunny afternoon.

best viewed on youtube

Archery rocks man. Survivalists will love its versatility. Feed your family, improve your physique, kill zeds. Its a quiver full of win!

Stay vigilant!


  1. I like how the targets have zombie head print-outs :) Like you said, you must be mentally prepared as well. Might be better to use Halloween masks though.

  2. The masks could get destroyed eventually because arrows poke big holes in 'em. Printing is the most economical option.

    A zombie head is not symmetrical, so its important to train for a variety of creepy faces & shapes!

    I must admit that I copy-pasted some popular zombie targets. I hope the owners will forgive me :-)

  3. Was thinking of not using the masks anymore after they've been pierced by arrows. But you're absolutely right about printing being more economical.

    Dude, I think the next thing to do is to place zombie heads on a zip line so you can practice on a moving (zombie) target.

  4. what kind of bow / arrows do you use?

    1. Hi Jeb!

      The recurve bow set I use is made up of SF Archery parts:

      SF Axiom 28 pound limbs
      Axiom Riser
      Easton Platinum shafts
      Saunders 145 grain field points (arrow points)

      More details over here: